Thursday, July 30, 2015

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I'm now posting all of my Green Living columns to my Bridget's Green Kitchen blog, because life is much simpler with one blog to update.


Alex said...

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Unknown said...

Actually quite confused by your Cell Phone article...
You speak about the concern you have regarding your son's first cell phone (because of the radiation issues)...I guess the question of which phone emits the lowest radiation, is like asking what in this world is least apt to cause cancer?

It is quite mind boggling how so many people use a cellphone and usually say "but I don't use it that often"...or "I only use it for emergencies" ad nauseum.

The fact is, much like cigarettes causing lung cancer, people in general, will not give up their technological toys....regardless of what health issues ensue. The pseudo reality that maybe by then there will be a "cure" for brain tumours/cancer is all that one needs as an excuse to continue to endanger themselves. And the planet.

something either causes cancer or it doesn't. But to attempt to believe otherwise is a tad like wearing rose colored glasses.....or so I think..