Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Doing everyday things a little differently

It’s easier than you think to live your life a little “greener”. Even if you have a busy household (and who doesn’t?), getting into the habit of doing everyday things a little differently isn’t that complicated, especially since all sorts of helpful resources are available nearby.

This article offers a few quick hints, things that you can consider doing -- or doing differently – to make your life a little more eco-friendly.

Book an energy audit for your home. Efficiency NB subsidizes the bulk of the cost so your out-of-pocket expense can be as little as $50, which you’ll make back in energy savings before you know it. If you’d like to get some free ideas contact NB Power and ask to speak with an Energy Advisor. The Advisor I spoke with was so helpful it’s all I could do not to invite him over for supper by the end of the call.

Eat locally grown food. From July through to the end of October locally grown produce is right under your nose. Buy your produce at the small local markets (to find the truly local stuff) then cram as much of it as possible into your freezer (or preserve it in one way or another) so you can savour it through the winter.

Wash your clothes in cold water (or start doing some of your loads in cold water). 90% of the energy used to do a wash goes into heating the water. But it takes no more effort on your part to switch the dial to “cold”.

Hang your clothes to dry. A clothesline is cheap and easy to install, the sun a natural bleach and September winds wick clothes dry quickly. Wooden drying racks are easy too and you can use them indoors year round.

Turn off lights when you’re not in the room. Turn off the computer, TV, radio stereo and any other powered device that’s not in use and remember to turn off the outside lights before you go to bed.

Pack your own bags when you go to the grocery store. We leave ours in the trunk of the car so we don’t forget them. You’ll be amazed how liberating it is to be free of those mounds of plastic bags that once cluttered the broom closet.

Drive less, walk more. Take the Comex bus, carpool, or if your job is suited for it, see if you can work from home one day a week. A monthly Comex pass is tax deductible.

See if you can make some of these tips part of your new Fall routine.

This article was previously published in KV Style

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